Gimme a Break with a freezer Meal

Everybody needs a break–not always a “Kit Kat” break. Moms want a real break from cooking and clean up. That’s why I took my mom a freezer meal tonight. I have the pleasure of attending a writer’s conference this week, childless. That’s right, you heard it right, I’m going to writing classes without kids because my gracious mom has adopted my two youngest, ages one and three, for two nights and three days. My older two are going to school and staying with hubbie in the afternoons.

I decided it would be nice to give my mom a break from cooking one evening and I brought along an effortless freezer meal, which happened to be my favorite no cook manicotti (no boiling required).

Last week I made four 9×13 pans when the cottage cheese and mozzarella went buy one get one free. Each pan cost about $5, so I stocked up and quadrupled this recipe. It’s been such a pleasure to have a meal handy in the freezer to be able to give away without any planning.

The next time you make a family favorite casserole, why not triple it and have plenty on hand for others. Imagine yourself receiving a meal for no “special” reason.

That’s what I love about freezer cooking. There’s always a time when you or someone else needs a break and you need more than a Kit Kat!

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