Fun Dip

Jonah Chapter 1

17 Now the LORD provided a huge fish to swallow Jonah, and Jonah was in the belly of the fish three days and three nights.

I questioned my two year-olds intentions with a baggie filled with Metamucil.  “It’s my fun-dip”, he said with a sly smile. Young kids copy whatever they see. Recently, my older children enjoyed a bag of fun dip with a candy stick. My younger son watched them eagerly lick the stick clean while he enjoyed a starburst chew. I noticed he took in every detail about that unusual candy.

During a sermon, a well told story of Jonah came alive, as I thought about my own similarities. I asked myself the following questions: How often do I run from God? Have I been swallowed by a giant fish? What was my fish? How often do I have a self-pity party? Moments later, I had an answer to each question. 

Are you embracing God’s Word with child-like faith? He allows us to see examples of his kindness, generosity, selfless attitude and compassion throughout the Bible.  He desires us to study His wisdom carefully and pay special attention to characters who resemble us and make mental notes. He wants us to model after Him and inquire about the big picture.

Reading God’s Word can be applicable to our own lives if we ask ourselves questions and give ourselves time to answer them.  Before we know it, we can be modeling some of the same words and actions as Jesus.

What are you gleaning from God’s Word ? Compare or contrast yourself to the characters. In what ways can you model after Jesus?

I wonder what my son was going to use as his candy stick for the fun dip he created.  Have fun dipping into a more meaningful way to read about God today.

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