Fume Free Oven Cleaner Made at Home

I despised cleaning my oven and now I love it. Before children, I could withstand the horrible smell and fumes of oven cleaner because I knew the outcome would be a sparkling clean oven. After children, I couldn’t imagine the fumes going into my children’s lungs. I went on a search for a better method. Hmmmm, clean your oven with the self-cleaner while you’re away-sounded good, but what if my oven malfunctioned? It still had a nasty smell in the house. Hmmmm, fume free oven cleaner-tried it from Wal-Mart. Better, but still had disgusting aerosol smell and took hours. Ahhh, all natural baking soda and water. That’s the ticket. I mix it up like the consistency of toothpaste in a small bowl.

First pour in the desired amount of baking soda in a small bowl. 1/4-1/2 cup depending on how dirty your oven is. Add 2 teaspoons of water at a time until the paste is thick.  I use my pampered chef plastic scraping tool, but any type spatula will work. Using gloves, I rub it on the greasy, black spots on the bottom of my oven. I put it on as if I were mudding a wall-thick (do you think I’ve remodeled before?). Cover the grease well and close your oven. Within an hour, you will see the grease breaking a part. Sometimes I do this at night before going to bed or I’ll do it and let it set all day or just a couple of hours works too. Using gloves, remove the dried baking soda with your scraping tool and wipe the remaining with a sponge or old washcloth. Rinse with a clean washcloth and your oven will sparkle. The scraping tool will assist with anything stuck on; simply angle at 45 degrees and scrape (make sure your scraper is plastic). You can also repeat this procedure if your oven is really caked-say after Thanksgiving. I find that one application works well on most occasions. Oops-it looks like I missed that one front spot, but I can repeat this or let it be until the next clean up:)

Have you ever tried using baking soda and water?

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