French Dip Subs

You know the saying, “It tastes better the next day.” Try this french dip recipe made from crock pot ranch roast either the next day or several weeks from when you cooked the roast. Seriously, if you freeze your roast leftovers, this scrumptious sub comes together in about fifteen minutes. That’s what I’m talking about.

I start with my thawed roast leftovers. Click here for the easy original recipe. Once the leftovers have thawed for 24 hours in my thawing box I can reheat it either in the crock pot all day on low or the stove-top on medium-low heat until hot.

I broil my sub rolls very well before I place the strained meat on top.

Then the hot meat is placed on one side of the toasted bun half. It can be shredded with a fork or left in chunks as I have done.

I add whatever cheese I have on hand. Shredded mozzarella works well and swiss or provolone slices are wonderful as well. Return the subs back to the oven to melt the cheese. Watch carefully so the bread doesn’t burn.

I dip out a small bowl of the rich beef broth AKA au jus for dipping. Avoid any leftover veggies floating around by using a small measuring cup. As you can see my broth has some onion and lots of flavor from all the vegetables that were crocked with the roast.

This is the easiest french dip sub I’ve ever made and the tastiest without any processed cans of beef broth ;)

Any leftover broth or vegetables from the original ranch roast should absolutely be used for homemade soup the very next day. Add a can of crush tomatoes, frozen or fresh vegetables, salt and pepper to taste you’ll have meal number three from the first meal you could have made weeks ago. Don’t refreeze this soup, enjoy it for another two days.

Have you ever made homemade french dip subs?

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