French Dip, Banana Muffins and Baseball

french dipWe love our We love our French Dip sandwiches and turns out they are portable sandwiches packed in foil for a double baseball game. Last week I purchased several pounds of local beef and knew a bottom round roast would come in handy on a ballgame night. I threw the roast in the crock pot as I ran out the door and hubbie shredded the beef when he got home from work. I ran by the store and bought some wheat rolls and we were off and running to the ball park. Actually, my four-year-old and I used some brown bananas to make a sweet treat, her favorite, banana chocolate chip muffins. I use our favorite banana chocolate chip bread recipe and bake three dozen muffins for about 20-25 minutes using this recipe. We packed these as well.

IMG_0870Instead of nachos and cheese, we were indulging on homemade sandwiches. YUM and healthy.

IMG_0871Instead of candy and processed popcorn, we were indulging on healthy white whole wheat muffins. Bonus points: I have many muffins to freeze and I have a half of a roast to freeze for a future ball night.

IMG_0900The warm sandwiches stay toasty in foil. My son enjoyed his after his game.

IMG_0928Let’s play ball, shall we? We have healthy food from 5:30 to 10 p.m.

Do you pack your own food for after school events?




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