Freezing Protein for a Designated Use

Sometimes I get a wild hair and label small portions of grilled convenience chicken for a designated purpose. Two chicken breasts alone is NOT enough to feed four hungry people. However, when I make a huge quantity of brown fried rice and cut the two breasts into small chunks, it satisfies a famished family of six. Add a vegetable or a side salad and voila, dinner in fifteen minutes. Sometimes, I’m blessed to have some fried rice already in the freezer and dinner can be ready in about ten minutes.

Same deal applies with stir-fry. These two lonely breasts are crying for their vegetables. I always have brown rice in the freezer. I just have to stir-fry some zucchini (try hibachi zucchini and onions) or squash or whatever I have on hand. In the winter, I tend to go frozen for economic reasons.

This is the perfect way to share how we eat much of our local meat . I try to cook once and enjoy two or three meals later.

Here are some tried and true tips using convenience chicken:

  • add grilled convenience chicken to your freezer inventory so you don’t forget about it
  • purchase additional supplies ahead of time
  • menu plan adding the “meal idea” on your plan to thaw the night before
  • thaw 24 hours using a thawing box
  • reheat ONLY don’t recook, place cut up meat directly on top of veggies and/or rice and heat a minimum amount of time (5 minutes or until hot)-it will taste rubbery
  • OR eat cold on a salad, in a wrap or shred and serve in soup


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