Freezing Marinated Chicken in Bulk

When chicken goes on sale for 1.99/pound or less, I pounce on the opportunity and stock my freezer.

I bought ten packs of this and marinated about forty pounds of chicken with my favorite three freezer marinades (recipes with tutorials follow):

My husband helps me by making a lot of chicken cutlets for each bag. I place about four to five cutlets in each labeled quart size bag.

I use handy dandy plastic shoeboxes to store the bags upright when filling.They hold my chicken in the freezer until they are frozen solid and then I remove later.

Once I fill the bags with flavorful marinades and squeeze the air out, the bags lay flat in my shoe box and I transport them to my freezer for overnight freezing.

12 -24 hours later, I remove this shoe box and stow the bags anywhere. This box is necessary for freezing flat. I have three of these in my kitchen at all times. I use them for a thawing box, transporting box, and 5-minute bread box.

When we’re ready to grill chicken, I thaw several of these quart bags in my thawing box over night. I don’t have to marinate chicken for months because I’ve got enough chicken to feed an army in my freezer (a crew of six for about five months).

We can have a delicious grilled chicken dinner within 15 minutes. Now that’s why I spend about three to four hours prepping all is chicken. We take it on vacation, picnics and camping.


This is linked to Tasty Tuesday, It’s a Keeper and Good cheap eats.

Would you invest about four hours to have mouth-watering 15-minute chicken dinners?


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      Glad you stopped by, I’ll try to get over and explore your site some more after this weekend. Heading to She speaks, so excited.

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      Yay, I use the shoe box for thawing, holding bags upright, transporting to the freezer, overnight freezing and of course, shoe box breads! I can’t live without my plastic shoe boxes, lol.

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      Leah, I don’t know if you call it genuis, but I call it working smarter and not harder. I’m all about saving time, money and energy. I’m glad you’re finding some recipes useful. Thank you for sharing. Blessings.

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