Freezer Waffle Sticks

Have you seen the cute frozen waffle sticks in the freezer section of your grocery store? Perhaps your kids have and they beg you for them. Here’s a way to make your own. I make freezer waffles once a month or every six weeks. I have twenty eight healthy white whole wheat waffles with this easy recipe. Whenever my kids want waffles, they can toast their own. They pull out a waffle from a gallon size freezer bag and pop it into the toaster on defrost setting. Then they toast at regular power like “toast.” The waffle comes out hot and crunchy. A pizza wheel cuts the waffle into four strips and Momma makes them a dunking bowl of love.

Try enticing your family with these choices:

Now go make some freezer waffles so you’ll have freezer waffle sticks in the morning and many mornings after that.

What’s your favorite way to dunk a waffle stick?


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