Freezer Turkey Burgers or Fish?


I love being able to grill a wholesome turkey burger indoors. It’s even better when the prep work has been done weeks ago and all I have to do is smell it while it cooks. I always make a fresh salad that will last us 3-4 days at a time. I’ll vary it up with various greens like spinach, kale or cabbage, fresh fruit, seasonal vegetables, dried fruit, nuts or different kinds of cheese. I like to make it different so I never get tired of salad. This is a simple side for my husband and I because my kiddos aren’t fans. It doesn’t mean I don’t hide the greens in the burgers, though. IMG_2782Several weeks ago I froze two batches of Several weeks ago I froze two batches of turkey ranch cheddar burgers and pressed them into a $1 patty press from the dollar store. It’s a bit larger and flatter than the English muffin ring I’ve used before.

IMG_2786This works great since ground turkey patties shrink up quite a bit when they cook. I put mine on a whole wheat sandwich thin and this size was perfect, don’t you think?

IMG_1505Paired with a side salad, we are good to go on a weeknight. I like to slice an avocado and add salsa to my burger. If I’ve done my thawing homework in my thawing box, I can have this meal on the table in less than 15 minutes.

thawing box

We love freezer meals around here.

Speaking of love, my husband and son love kayak fishing and they just made it Kayak Angler Fishing online.

David Brown holds up a big North Carolina carp while he son Caleb looks on in delight.

My cuties spending time together. One side note, I’m not going to freeze this carp for a future meal. :0

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