Freezer recipes that SAVE YOU time

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Everything I freeze SAVES ME…time. That’s why at least double everything my family enjoys. Sometimes I will triple or quadruple if it’s something easy and inexpensive.

Today I’m sharing my top freezer recipes that will SAVE YOU…time also. Though I’m always experimenting with new freezer recipes, I have several favorites–casseroles, meats, chicken and sides.

  • No Cook Manicotti is such an easy throw together casserole because you don’t mix it in a bowl. You knead the cheese in a gallon size freezer bag and pipe it into the uncooked manicotti. Freeze and thaw, cook for one hour.


  • Another no cook mexican casserole is black bean lasagna. It’s made with frozen black beans or canned, corn, cheese, tomatoes and spices. It’s easily mixed and layered between whole wheat tortillas. Freezes well and tastes delicious with such simple fresh ingredients.


  • Grilled or boiledconvenience chicken can be used in virtually any and every dish. Casseroles, quesadillas, pizza, subs, calzones, braids, salads and more. Use your pre-cooked chicken in any dish you like.


  • Cooked meatballs are another wonderful meat option. Choose red meat or turkey and make a bunch. I make eight dozen at a time and use it for spaghetti, subs, pizza, calzones and more.


  • Cooked taco meat is a family favorite. We enjoy having at least five bags of seasoned taco meat in the freezer for soft or hard 5-minute tacos (easily reheated in the microwave. Nachos grande or taco pizza or converted to santa fe chili with frozen black beans and corn.


  • I would never leave out our favorite marinated chicken entrees like Asian Honey Chicken marinade or Chicken Fajitas. Italian chicken is just as easy to marinate with kitchen staples. I love to buy chicken breasts in bulk and marinate prior to freezing. The chicken is flavored as it’s thawing in the marinade and becomes a breeze to grill.


  • My last side freezer item is not a recipe. It’s more of a secret. I double or triple whole wheat pasta, brown rice and potato sides, like mashed potatoes or twice baked potatoes every time I make it. I cook a bunch, cool it, bag it in quart size bags and thaw the night before a meal. I save myself thirty to forty-five minutes of side item time when I do this.


Most of my dinner meals come together in less than thirty minutes, some take as little as five minutes (tacos). Freezer cooking saves me time and it will save you time also.

Are you convinced yet? Where would you like to start? Begin making a list of your family favorites and start doubling and freezing those items.

If you’re currently freezer cooking, what are YOUR favorite freezer items?

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