Freezer Pie Crusts {20 crusts}

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Directions slightly adapted from NutnHoney

Pie Crust Recipe:

  • 5 lb unbleached  all-purpose flour
  • 2 Tbsp. salt
  • 3 lb can Crisco vegetable shortening (we used Butter-Flavored Crisco)
  • 3 cups ice water
  1. Divide flours, salt and shortening between two very large bowls.
  2. Blend flour, salt, and Crisco together (by hand if necessary).
  3. Add ice water and mix all together just until blended.
  4. Form into patties weighing approx. 7.6 oz. each (we weighed 20-7 oz. balls)


Freezer tips:

  • Balls or flattened disks may be flattened and flash frozen.
  • Dough can be transferred to gallon/quart size bags labeled.
  • DIY vacuum seal or squeeze all the air out especially in between use.


Once we divided the dry ingredients and worked in the Crisco we moved  the pie crust in the Kitchen Aid mixer with the paddle attachment. I can see where a very large commercial mixer would come in handy for this project. However, we made it work by dividing the ingredients in half and then using the mixer.

We made three sweet potato pies from the allrecipes website here. We also cooked the sweet mashed potato ahead of time and froze it as well. Today we made the filling with 2 cups of the thawed sweet potato.

The pies cooked about 15 minutes longer than the usual time. The apple pies were also made with freezer filling that was thawed, but cold. It also cooked about 15 minutes longer.

We used all but four of our pie crusts. I froze only four since we used sixteen for three sweet potato pies and twelve for six double crust apple pies.


We also used an extra crust for cut-out leaves for the apple pies


The results were fantastic and definitely worth the mess all at once because the clean-up was only once too. I’d highly recommend this pie crust if you make a lot of pies at once or a little at a time. It’s worth having .20 pie crusts in the freezer. I’m planning to make this once or twice a year with my students to have on hand for this type of event.


It makes baking pies in bulk so much easier and frugal.


Thanksgiving pies here we come on Tuesday at my school. Our feast for 100 is nearly finished. We’ll roast the turkeys on Monday and  we’re set to reheat and eat on Tuesday. I’m one tired freezer cooking mom and teacher on a mission. I can’t wait to feed over twenty-five needy students. It will all be worth it next week :0

You can check out my school post at Cougar Kitchen.

Have you ever prepped and frozen pie crust before?

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