Freezer Organization: Free Printable Freezer Inventory

Freezer Inventory

I keep track of what’s in my freezer with this free printable freezer inventory. It is a huge time-saver to look at this list of items to plan meals rather than digging deep in my chest freezer or side-by-side freezer to see if I have enough pizza sauce or cheese to make homemade pizza. When my supply of sauce runs low, I know I need to make a Sams trip and buy a bulk #10 can of crushed tomatoes and add this on my rotation of make ahead items during the week. Then more sauce is added to the inventory. Sometimes, my list begins to look like chicken scratch with so many items going in and out. In that case, I will start a fresh clean inventory copying what I have left and do a current inventory of items in both freezers. (I need to do this now). I love the “in” and “out” method using a slash and an X.

I often freezer cook meat or poultry from the raw state and safely refreeze the cooked items for convenience. It allows me to have meals on the table in less than 15 minutes. You can read about the USDA safety issues here in a previous post. When I refreeze an item like chicken, I ALWAYS use a clean freezer bag, labeling the item cooked for easy identification and write cooked chicken (plus the variety–like Asian or Italian) on the inventory.

Frozen items go inside a thawing box (plastic shoe box) overnight and cook or reheat in a snap the next day.

Do you have questions or suggestions? I’d love to hear them.

Enjoy organizing your freezer! This is linked to Amy’s Finer things Friday.

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