Freezer Gifts

 Baking Bread as a Gift

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Did you know bread makes a frugal gift for anyone? Quick breads are easiest to make which require no rising. There are a variety of quick bread recipes to double and share. What makes bread gift giving easier?

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Baking and freezing in quantity

I allow the bread to completely cool on a cooling rack (prevents sogginess on the bottom and quicker cooling) for a couple hours and package in a clear cellophane bag. I purchase the clear bags on the party isle from Wal-Mart. They are nice quality and show the fruit of your labor. I tie a pretty scrap grosgrain ribbon and it becomes a thoughtful gift.

I’m preparing this double batch of mini-loaves of zucchini bread for a church bake sale. I hope to sell these eye-pleasing loaves for a $1 donation.


While I had the oven hot, I baked four loaves of Artisan bread after I baked the 8 mini-loaves and 10 muffins. . This is an easy 5 minute dough made in a plastic shoebox.  Intrigued? Click here for the recipe.

Two of these will be donated for a ladies gathering for door prizes. The other two will accompany freezer manicotti for two new moms within our church.

It’s all about working smarter and not harder. It looks like I spent all day baking, but in reality, it took me about fifteen minutes prep time doubling the quick bread recipe and five minutes shaping the Artisan dough I mixed several days ago.

All of this will go into the freezer until the event day. I’ll remove and thaw 12 hours to deliver fresh bread as a ministry gift.

You ALWAYS have a thoughtful, inexpensive gift on hand if you freeze several mini-loaves. Tip: Place the cellophane bags in a gallon freezer bag for long term storage.

How about gifting a neighbor or friend who won’t accept money for babysitting? They’ll always accept food:)

Have you ever combined your freezer and bread for gift-giving purposes? Who could you gift this week?

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  1. Christine


    I plan to bake and freeze mini loaves for gifts. When I am ready to give them, do I need to do anything special before I wrap them other than cool them completely? How long before I give them should I take them out of the freezer? (Am I making sense, here?) Thanks!

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