Freezer Friendly Pizza Muffins

My pizza mini-muffins have gone MORPH.

I took my original mini-muffin recipe and made regular size muffins and they were a huge hit in the Brown household. I think we all liked them so much because they had more of the pizza toppings tucked inside. This recipe is so versatile and easy. In fact, it’s less steps than my original pizza calzones. I’m planning to make a lot of these for school days. They lasted one day in our freezer. Everybody wanted them the next day so I need to triple or quadruple this recipe next time. I’m going to keep my eye out for more muffin pans. I have two with 12 each and one 6 muffin pan. I’ve seen pans at garage sales, Salvation Army stores and Goodwill so keep your eyes peeled or go on a kitchen hunt for more freezer equipment one day.

Click here for the mini-muffin recipe, but substitute your large muffin pan and bake 15-20 minutes. The concept is the exact same. There’s not an exact measurement I use to fill each cup. I eyeball the sauce, chopped pepperoni and cheese and have fun. I especially love to use my crockpot marinara which is also freezer friendly. Be adventurous and try both when you have time. The dough is a no knead/rise dough so it’s just as easy as Pillsbury dough crust, only healthier and more frugal.

Allow them to fully cool on a cooling rack and package in a labeled gallon size bag. Thaw 24 hours prior to reheating. They’re microwave friendly, too. Reheat one muffin for one minute. Pair with a salad and your lunch or dinner is ready in 5 minutes (if you count your salad prep).

I’m excited to have the regular or mini-muffin size stashed in my freezer for the kids or hubby’s lunch during the school year. It’s easier to pull this from the freezer rather than making a sandwich. I guess it’s like having cold pizza, why not? I grew up eating cold pizza for breakfast. Did you?

What fillings would you pair in your muffins?

6 thoughts on “Freezer Friendly Pizza Muffins

  1. Julie B.

    We are making these at our next cook and play, are you cooking them at 450 degrees? Also how many muffins do you get with your 3 no rise pizza crust recipe? Thanks in advance!

    1. admin

      I can get two dozen regular size muffins or 48 mini-size. I think I do 400. Just bake until brown, tint with foil if browning too quickly and the middle isn’t done (with the reg size). Mini bakes in no time. Mini is perfect for lunches. I’m so glad you’re doing a cook and play, so much fun.

  2. Kryste

    I think that I’m just about to try these out. (My parents bought us a countertop oven for Christmas, and a few days later some friends of ours brought us over an oven they had acquired. We went from no oven to two! God does so bless His children!) I was wondering if you’ve ever tried to reheat these in the oven like li’l frozen pizza things you can buy in the store. (I’ve never bought them, but I know they have them!) God bless!

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