Freezer Cooking Wendy’s Chili and More

IMG_2918 (1)I’m in love with this Wendy’s chili that is freezer friendly and so easy to make on a busy school day. I love how it tastes exactly like Wendy’s with the kidney and pinto beans. I love how I can crock the raw turkey in the soup and break it a part at the end of the day. Have I said how much I love this easy chili?

IMG_2920I also love how easy Asian Honey chicken comes together on a busy night. I usually have frozen brown rice that’s thawing and my Asian chicken in my thawing box. I add a side of steamed broccoli and voila, easy peasy dinner night, especially when my husband stir-fries the chicken for me.

IMG_2927And since I made this copycat Panara broccoli cheese soup in my Cougar Kitchen at school, I thought I might as well duplicate it at home. It’s awesome with Southern cornbread, which is also freezer friendly.

Oh how I can not live without my freezer and make ahead meals. Have you prepared any easy meals lately?


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