Freezer Cooking Menu Plan

grilled southwest egg rolls


I don’t know about you, but freezer cooking has saved me many times this past week. I’ve been so busy running errands, children to school, sports, the swimming pool and coming home to an easy meal. It’s worth having a menu plan in place even if we don’t follow it to a T. I know what our options are and which meals work best on our late dinner nights coinciding it with crock pot meals. I posted 4 tips on extending slow-cooking time last week, I hope you caught it.

I’m still doubling pasta and rice to keep our freezer stocked. I also implement a one hour power hour when I have time. It usually consists of baking or prepping crock pot meals or meatballs. I’ve had the freezer pancake mix on my “to post” for a while, so expect it on Friday. It’s a really easy whole grain mix that makes about 80 pancakes {you make them when you need them}. They are so versatile with all the fruit toppings I’ve been boasting about {blueberry compote, crock pot apple butter or crock pot applesauce}.

Dinner this week:


I hope your week is as adventurous and blessed as mine. My 3-year-old is beginning preschool and my kindergartner is worn out at the end of the day.

Can anyone relate?

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