Freezer Cooking Menu Plan Plus Family Game Night

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It’s been a busy week and I am happy to report a new tradition we are implementing with our four kiddos. Family Game Night with pizza. It sounds easy enough, but it’s tricky with different ages and stages. In case you’re just getting to know our family, we have ages 13, 11, (soon 14 and 12) 6 and 4. Try mixing toddler and teen games, that’s why we gave it up when our first set of toddlers grew into tweens. This week I felt convicted about family time and decided we would give it a go again.  After a successful night of pizza and card games last night, I feel renewed to try it weekly. I guess I’ll have some new games and recipes to share in the future :) Last night I made flatbread pizza with frozen flatbread I found buried in the freezer. grilled flatbread chix pizzaWe played the card game War, Old Maid and Go Fish. Click how to play war here. I also made homemade whole wheat chocolate chip cookies. It’s been a long while since I made these so it was a treat. Unfortunately I did not have frozen dough balls nor enough butter to double my recipe which I often do, but I managed to stick a bag of baked ones in the freezer.  I know these won’t make it until school begins, but at least they’ll stay fresh longer than a week. wwcookiesI have a new Freezer Fairy client this week and I’ve planned 13 meals in 2 hours which I’m excited about. I’m going to have the meal plan ready to share in a week or so if all goes well. Freezer Fairy is my local business that I started about a two years ago, but I’ve had it on the back burner since I did an interim teaching job last year. This year I’m getting back  into and sharing about it more. Just last week I shared my Ultimate Guidebook for half off and it will remain $4.99 the month of August to celebrate back to school.

Now I have the privelege of planning our own family meals this week:

I love some easy meals from my freezer. How about you?

How do you make summer meals easier?

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3 thoughts on “Freezer Cooking Menu Plan Plus Family Game Night

  1. michelle

    Followed your link from Menu Plan Monday. Will definitely be poking around some more but have already added the Spicy Tilapia Tacos to the menu.

    1. admin

      Thanks for joining in Michelle. We love these tacos and the homemade seasoning which is great on all kinds of meats. Let me know how you like it. Blessings

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