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sesame chicken

I sent four off to school this week: eighth grader, fifth grader, kindergartener and one middle school teacher.




My three-year-old goes to preschool orientation this week and it will be much different having her gone three days a week. This will be the first time all of my kiddos will be away. What’s this Momma going to do? I will be helping other busy mommas create wholelcious meals via my Freezer Fairy business. I’m excited to launch Freezer Fairy Jr. at my daughter’s preschool starting with a healthy lunch session in September {don’t worry, I’ll be sure to share}. It’s a blessing to hear so many of you share your stories and comments how freezer cooking is changing your health and the way you serve your families. I never get tired or reading how many lives are changed; thank you for sharing.

Dinner this week:

My power hour this week: world’s easiest no peel sweet potatoes, shoe box mini flatbread {for pizza lunchables-I’ll share how I do it} and shoe box cinnamon rolls

Anyone freezer cooking whole foods for lunch boxes? 


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