Freezer Cooking Galore

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Freezer cooking is an outlet for me. I have a wee bit of an obsession stocking my freezer with staples and yummies for the weeks to come. Normally I carve out about an hour each weekend to prep for the work week. This week we are out for Spring Break so I planned a few more staples into the session. I think I went a little overboard when I realized I was at home with a sleeping sick child and a quiet house with no Internet. I took it as my sign to get busy.


I already had 2 pounds of crock pot black beans going. First, I got my boiled eggs going and pared and chopped some carrots for the week. Then I made some more ranch seasoning for my double batch of Ranch Cheddar Burgers. I mixed in two shredded zucchini like my turkey cheeseburgers for added nutrition.

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I had some milk about to expire and I decided to make a triple batch of chocolate chip pancakes.

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I started some brown rice and thawed some  homemade enchilada sauce for my Southwest bean and rice wraps {I’ve been making them without chicken lately using refried black beans and Mexi rice. I had one bag of Mexi rice and two bags of brown rice for the freezer. Mexi rice is brown rice with enough enchilada sauce to moisten it. It’s so delicious.


I used part of my crock pot black beans for a single batch of black bean burgers. I’ll probably wish I made another batch once I grill these.

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After I made wraps and burgers, I reserved four bags of beans for future sides or quesadillas. I love having black beans on hand for everything. It’s such a quick and frugal way to eat beans. Last, I finished up my weekly world’s easiest boiled eggs.

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All of this took about two prep hours total, not including dish washing or crock pot time. I’m so glad to have my freezer stocked with healthy meals for several work weeks to come.

Funny thing, I didn’t intend to make all of this. One thing led to another like the book, If You Give A Mouse a Muffin. Can anyone else relate?

I’ve added all of this to my freezer inventory which is a freezer inventory which is a free download here.

Are you freezer cooking this week? I’d love to hear what you are doing.


4 thoughts on “Freezer Cooking Galore

  1. Shonda

    Wow, what a great week. I think I’ll try some of these recipes. I hope someday I will get into a freezer cooking routine!

    1. admin

      Shonda, just start small by doubling a recipe a week, cooling it overnight and bagging it up the next morning. Before long, you’ll have several meals in your freezer for upcoming meals the next month. Or just try one recipe that makes a lot. Choose a staple your family would use a lot, like the black beans. We eat them about once a week in all different ways so we don’t get tired of them. They always taste different Blessings on this journey.

  2. Val

    I get addicted to stocking the freezer too. lol Right now I end up having a day a month that I get in a big baking mood. I’ll do bread, pita’s, kaiser rolls and other types that can have multiple purposes. Feels pretty good to pull stuff out of the freezer and people think you made it that day for them

    1. admin

      Val, the burgers are so easy and frugal! I also like the triple bean burgers with just a tad more work with sauteed peppers and celery, etc. The flavors are a little more exotic than the traditional black bean. I love having these already cooked. I thaw and toss them in a pita or on a salad or in a taco wrap, etc which makes it so easy.

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