Freezer Cooking Finds plus Kitchen Update

IMG_0700I  wanted to clean up the kitchen renovation when I woke up on Saturday, but my husband suggested we go to a neighborhood yard sale before we started a hard day of labor. I’m so glad we did because I found some wonderful treasures. 25 cents oxo pastry blender, $1 pepper/salt grinder, 25 cents sifter and 10 cents basket.

IMG_0699Two new sets of fun colored glasses that really look pretty on the bar. I’m so blessed. They were only $2.50 a box!

IMG_0696Friday night is our crock pot evening with two baseball practices and we get home at 7. Who wants to cook then? I have something warm and delicious waiting in the crock pot.We had crock pot baked potatoes and I had some leftover homemade easy cheese sauce to warm up. Have you tried it with salsa and cheese? Our builder who is my husband’s buddy brought us a freshly canned quart jar of salsa. It made me want to run out and buy a box of tomatoes just to can this salsa myself. Seriously fresh and yummy!

IMG_0689Here’s an earlier picture on Wednesday last week packing six lunches on an unfinished bar.

IMG_0717Saturday my kiddos enjoyed homemade no knead pizza on their first bar, complete with tile backs plash and new bar stools. More finished pictures and details of how frugal we made this happen!

Happy blessed Monday, freezer friends. Did you find any frugal freezer cooking equipment/tools this weekend?



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