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Periodically, I post what I consider a good deal based on the average price of whole foods. For example, a 10-pound bag of potatoes generally costs about $5 in our area. Ingles is running a sale price for 5 # bag for 1.98, which is a fair price. I bought a 10# bag for $2.99 at Ingles in June, but this was likely the seasonal price. I’m planning to stock up with three bags and make several of the following items to freeze:

I double and freeze all the items for future quick meals. Laura lynn cheese is also a good price at 1.67 for the twice baked potatoes. Split chicken breast at .98 is also a great item to stock-up for the boiled chicken with broth recipe. It yields several bags of shredded cooked chicken for convenience meals, like quesadillas, enchiladas, casseroles, soups, chicken salad, pizza and your favorite meals.
Sometime between now and Tuesday, I’m going to re-stock my raw sugar, which I buy by the pound because it’s cheaper and I can get a freebie item, like turkey bacon to make freezer breakfast wraps this week. Click here to sign-up for their email list and receive weekly coupons.
If you’re not familiar with Aldi, they have great prices on conventional fruits and vegetables. The price for a 3# bag of Gala apples this week is 1.99, which is great. Pumpkins are $2.49!
I follow Southern Savers, which matches up coupons with the store ad to help you save even more money. Combining freezer cooking with sales ads and coupons can help you decrease your total food bill. That’s why I’m going to start sharing some of the deals I’m buying.
Here’s the policy copied from the Wal-Mart site:

We gladly match the price in the following types of ads:*

  • Buy one, get one free ads with a specified price
    • Example: Buy one for $2.49, get one free (BOGO)
  • Competitors’ ads that feature a specific item for a specified price.
  • Preferred shopping card prices for specific items that are in a printed ad.
  • For fresh produce and meat items when the price is offered in the same unit type (lb. for lb.; each for each)
Because my time is valuable (I know yours is too), I’m going to price match the following items at Wal-Mart this week. I’m circling the items in the sales flyer and writing them on my grocery list along with the sales price. This is my first time price-matching so I’m following other blogger’s tips to have the policy printed here and tell the cashier AHEAD of times which items grouped in your order are price matched. Prayerfully, you’ll get a knowledgable cashier who knows how to price match and you’ll fly right through the line. I’m off for my one stop shopping trip!
  • 5# green giant potatoes, 1.98 (Ingles)
  • Chicken Breast, .98 lb (Ingles)
  • Pumpkins, 2.49 (Aldi)
  • Crisco oil, 2.49 (Bi-Lo)
Are you price matching at Wal-Mart?
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