Freezer Cooking Class-Week 4

Things didn’t work out as planned this week due to sick kids, but freezer cooking class went on without me. And freezer meals are so helpful during times like this. Big thanks to Ouida and Stephanie for leading our class.  The ladies made no cook manicotti and Asian Honey marinade for the meat of their choice.

Next week the ladies are making southwest burritos. I’m giving them a choice of Southwest Wraps (no prep work involved) or Amy’s brown bag burritos (with little prepwork using ground beef). They will bring their ingredient filling and we’ll fill and wrap burritos together for the freezer. Ladies attending should bring items from class 4 supply list, in addition, to the recipe of their choice above.

We’ve been talking about deceptive cooking-adding carrot or sweet potato, zuchinni or whatever you like in the freezer meals we’re preparing. I’ve been graciously gifted with the Double Delicious Deceptive Cookbook by Jessica Seinfeld. This will be a giveway to one blessed winner next week (plus I owe you a thawing box giveaway too).

I’m looking foward to another great class with these sweet ladies. Please comment here how your freeer cooking and menu planning are going. We’d all benefit from any tips/tricks/snags/ you have. God gave, us ladies, the gift of sharing!

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