FREEzer Broth

Here’s a great way to use up produce you should have thrown away last week. You know, the onions you’ve cut into and those baby carrots that have dried up and what about the shriveled celery that’s as limp as a cooked noodle. Throw it all in a pot and make some broth for free. Normally you would throw it in the trash and that’s money going down the drain. Pause, dig a little, smell and don’t toss those unwanted veges in the trash. Toss them in a big stock pot and let’s cook some broth for your freezer!

Do you make whole chicken in the oven or crock pot? I usually make crock pot sticky chicken. Or do you have a store bought rotisserie chicken in the fridge? Don’t toss the carcass, save those bones and fat and make some “FREE”zer chicken stock and broth. It’s so easy using this recipe and you can have a pot of homemade chicken noodle (just like Progress) in no time. It’s practically free and it babysits itself in the crock pot. If you don’t like dealing with the bones and want to make some convenience shredded chicken plus broth, click here. While you’re at it learn how to shred your chicken quick and easy with a kitchen aid stand mixer here.

Okay, so you have to cool broth and bag it, but that’s easy too following this tutorial.

Enjoy FREEzer broth, chicken or vegetable, for all your favorite recipes with tutorials above.

 Have you made anything for free lately?

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