FREE Freezer Inventory to get you organized

Do you need some freezer organization? This free freezer inventory is for all the wonderful readers who love to cook and freeze like I do. Enjoy this colorful 2 -page pdf file to organize all your freezer goodies. I hope you have a sheet brimming with nutritious meals, sides, snacks and desserts to menu plan each week. Whether you enjoy monthly, weekend, or one hour power cooking sessions, it’s worth the organizational effort to jot down what you’re stashing away. When you’re ready to create a menu each week, no more digging through your freezer to see if you have a bag of taco meat or burgers. It’s right at your finger tips IF you’ve slashed it off your inventory. It may take a little while getting used to the habit of adding and deleting freezer items, but it’s worth it! Take it from me, the freezer gal who loves to stock her freezer.

Print our MOAM FREEZER INVENTORY today! It’s my gift to you.

Blessings, my freezer buddies!

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