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How do you store your leftovers? Because I do not like storing warm leftovers in plastic, I’ve found mason jars to be a fantastic way to store and reheat leftovers in the microwave. And did you know it’s also great to write the date on the lid so you know when to throw out leftovers? I use a sharpie marker and date it as I am filling the jar. Just a little dab of toothpaste will remove the last date and prepare you for your next filling :)

Mason jars are green, BPA safe, frugal and an excellent way to see your leftovers in the fridge. They are especially great to see the leftovers and not forget them.


Did you know you can purchase mason jars at Goodwill for.25? I’ve also seen them at garage and yard sales, thrift stores and free on Craigslist. The wide mouth ones are easier to fill, but regular ones work just as well. Finally, measuring cups make jar filling so easy to pour the contents right in. Pint or half quart size jars can hold lunch leftovers and/or salads and transport easily. By the way, check out how I use mason jars for my pantry organization here.

I’m just a frugal, earth-friendly, freezer cooking advocate. I hope you enjoy this kitchen tip and try it soon! Or perhaps you’ve been using them all along.


How do you use mason jars in your kitchen?


2 thoughts on “Food Storage Kitchen Tip

  1. Ashley

    Love this! One of my co-workers taught me that you can freeze mason jars. I don’t can so that is how a put up salsas and soups when I make a big batch. We also use mason jars for yogurt at our house. We buy a big container of plain greek yogurt and portion it out in mason jars. We add a dab of jam or honey for flavor. Its cheaper and has way less sugar than the individual flavored yogurt cups.

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