First Day of School

Today was back to school for all six of us. I prepared our lunches the night before and we were ready for school. Wouldn’t you know it, I forgot my own lunch in the refrigerator! It’s a good thing I’m the foods teacher at school, I managed to find something in my refrigerator from the week before when we had teacher work days.

I had so much fun listening to the highs and lows of my family’s day while we enjoyed back to school tacos! My school highs were the fun icebreakers we did during class. I thought you’d get a kick out of our Twitter Gallery Walk here


My youngest daughter loved all her school day. My nine year old son enjoyed getting his first computer in fourth grade since his school is 1:1 now.


My oldest son is going to early college and he enjoyed math class the best. I had a mom moment dropping him off this morning. I started feeling a little sentimental because he was in a college environment.

My oldest daughter has not reported in yet, since she’s at work. My husband and I are both happy to be back into the swing of school and having our children occupied with education, lol. It’s been a fun filled packed summer vacation.

How was your first back to school day?

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