Eggciting News!!


We have an incubator.


It looks like a toaster oven with a long thermometer on top, but it’s really a true commercial incubator. My husband acquired it from school. Apparently they’ve had it for many years and it was sitting in a closet never used. He asked to check it out from the school library and their answer was YES! Aren’t school teacher perks nice? He actually cut the tags and put it to use.

We already have some eggs we’re eating. I’m guessing we’ve acquired about three dozen so far from our Chicken Project.Read about the beginning here. Notice the variations of brown.


Because we own Bantam chickens, the eggs are small. It takes two of these to equal one egg.


So our chicken project continues with a real-live incubator (we were going to try to rig a homemade one). We’ve added a fresh egg to it and turned it on 100 degrees. You’re supposed to rotate three times a day (we’ll do it when we get to it) and we’ll wait like mother hen and see. It takes 21 days. Hubbie is adding more to the bunch and we’ll date them continue what seems like science experiment.


Stay tuned for the Brown Chicken Project and watch out for eggsciting freezer cooking recipes involving eggs. I’ve got an easy blender breakfast quiche to share tomorrow. Eggs are freezer friendly–I’ll show you how.

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