Double Oven Duty

I can not bake one loaf of bread or one pan of cookies. It is too lonely in the oven for one item. My reason for double duty is saving myself time, money and energy. I ALWAYS bake more than one item at a time. It saves me energy in the long run by having extra items in the freezer for future use. I save myself time in the future by thawing a freezer item and having it without having to mix and bake it. It saves me physcial energy because I’ve already invested the energy in making and baking the item and my future energy is reserved for my family. It also saves on my electricity energy because I’m utilizing all my oven space and heating it up once.

I begin double oven duty by deciding on a item I want to bake. In this case above, I decided to make homemade granola. The oven temperature was 325 for 45 minutes. I knew I needed to bake chocolate chip cookies for the kids’ lunches and the temperature was 375 for 12 minutes. I comprised the granola temperature and baked it at 375 for less minutes and really kept an eye on it as it was crisping. I ALWAYS use both oven racks and move items as necessary to prevent over browning. I used to have a convection oven and moving items wasn’t necessary but, this way works too.

The end result was a 9×13 pan of granola and three dozen baked cookies. The other four dozen were frozen into dough balls for future fresh cookies without having to mix the dough. My husband or children can easily bake these with the temperature clearly marked on the freezer bags. I save these bags in the freezer when they are empty and deposit fresh dough balls when they are flash frozen.

You can easily do double oven duty for many items within a 30 to 75 degree temperature range, adjusting like I did when necessary. Try baking potatoes alongs side a casserole or cookies and a quick bread together. The holidays is an ideal time triple quick bread recipes and bake three loaves at a time. The ideas are endless.

Take a peek at your weekly menu plan and see if there are items to bake and save yourself some time, money and energy by baking everything at once.

Have you ever tried this? What items has your oven done double duty?

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