Do’s and Don’ts


Just like telling your kids, do this and don’t do that, I’ve created a handy list of helpful reminders if you are new to freezer cooking. You could drop this into a plastic sleeve and post it on your refrigerator or put it in your freezer cooking notebook. I’ll continue to give you references to print out so the notebook may be the best idea. Start compiling recipes you want to try freezing and recipes your family enjoys. Have a blessed weekend, despite the ice. Stay warm and cook good food.

Highlights of the list…

  • Do double or triple your recipes to have extra to freeze
  • Do label and date foiled items with cooking times using a sharpie pen
  • Do use cooking spray on the foil if your casserole has cheese on top and it touches the foil
  • Do add  extra cooking time on baked items (approximately 10-15 minutes) to the original cooking time on the recipe-write this time on your foil.
  • Do not put pyrex or glass dishes directly in your oven—it will break.  Allow it to come to refrigerator or room temperature prior to baking.
  • Do not ignore an item with punctured foil. Re-foil it right away.

The complete printable Dos and donts reference guide for your notebook.

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