Don’t freezer cook and blog at the same time/Cleaning tip

A note to self: Don’t forget about my food on the burner while blogging or this may happen again.

I’m happily blogging in my bedroom and my daughter walks in, “What’s that smell?”

Aaaaaahh, I quickly run to the stove where my squash was steaming. This is what was left in my pot. All my water below my silicone steamer had boiled out. My steamer was burnt too! It’s a wonder it didn’t catch on fire.

Now how do I clean this mess? I’ve burnt kettle corn in this same pot before and I used Bar Keepers Friend and it worked. I pull it out again for this tough cleaning job.

A good quality 18/10 staineless steel pot will clean up nicely with this powdered product. I like to wear rubber gloves because it’s quite abrasive.

Finally after a little muscle and elbow grease, my stock pot is gleaming again, ready for more freezer cooking and less blogging while cooking.

Have you ever seriously burnt your pot or pan? What’s your best cleaning tip?


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