DIY Vacuum Sealing {With a Straw}


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You don’t have to have an expensive vacuum sealer to squeeze the excess air out of freezer bags. All you need is a good set of breathing lungs if you’re willing to inhale a little of the flavor of your foods. A simple straw inserted in the nearly closed bag will do the trick. Squeeze as much air out as possibly with your hand while closing and suck the last bit of air out  with your straw. It’s that easy and it will keep your foods from freezer burn much longer than a bag with food and lots of air.


Removing as much air as possible IS NECESSARY. However, vacuum sealing or removing every last bit of air is beneficial if you plan to freeze for longer periods of time (over a month) and desire the same freshly made quality. I recommend great freezing methods like this if you’re baking/cooking in huge quantities and storing many batches. I also recommend if you have a smaller family and you’re eating your freezer supply slower than our family of six. We’re moving foods in and out on an average of four to six weeks. I’m more careful with my freezer packaging when I’m freezing more than four bags of food.

There are cases when your bag may have a pin hole from the manufacturer and the air returns. Discard your bag and use another. Or bags can get a hole while moving around in the freezer. Again, you will notice the bag isn’t tightly against your food. Once again, you may want to DIY vacuum seal another bag or eat your food sooner.

Do you use a commercial sealer, new hand-held gadget or DIY straw method?


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