DIY No-Sew Swing or Chair Cushion


Spring has sprung and I’m so excited to decorate my front porch swing with this no sew idea I found on Pinterest. I’m loving this yellow chevron fabric I ordered from It’s the perfect pop of color to brighten my afternoon reading on the porch. I did sew two little throw pillows which I recovered with new fabric from Goodwill. I found .50 fabric along with some other great finds when I was doing a bedroom makeover for my daughter. It thrills my heart when God enables me to find such terrific prices on things that are “wants” and not “needs”. Anyone else praise God for little finds?

This will be the easiest “no sew” project you’ve ever done. It’s truly like wrapping a present. If you can wrap a neat present, you can wrap your a pretty porch swing cushion in about fifteen minutes. Did you hear that? Fifteen minutes later your porch swing or bench can look like this.

Simply cut enough fabric to wrap the cushion. I purchased a pre-cut 1-inch cushion from our local foam and fabric store. It cost me $6.33 cut exactly to the measurement of my swing. I took those measurements with me to the store and they cut them there. However, if for some odd reason you have foam on hand, you can use your own electric knife to cut your cushion to fit.

I cut enough fabric to match the pattern by mistake, but it worked. Make sure you have enough fabric to fold in the selvage {unfinished edge}. Use safety pins where you would use tape on a present. I told you this was fun :)

Fold the end pieces just like a present again. I push the middle in before I fold up the edge. I also make sure I cut enough of the end off so there is not a lot of bulk.

Again, use those pins as tape.IMG_1372Isn’t it just grand to be able to have a custom cushion in no time? This cushion is totally washable and changable if you get tired of it. Now who thinks I will get tired of this gorgeous color?

And your cushion is as good as new if you’re recovering an old one. Or it’s brand spanking new if you’re like me and never had one on the porch swing. Why didn’t I do this sooner?

Will this be your next DIY spring project?

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