DIY Mini-Pizza Lunchables



It is three pie pizza night at our house and I might as well make my son a pizza lunchable for his field trip on Monday. Field trips mean special lunches to our kids and that’s why I make an extra effort to treat them with something different. I have a confession. Last week I broke down as a working mom and bought a pizza lunchable for my kindergartener. OMG, it was $3 for a tiny pizza round, some cookies and a drink that was full of preservatives, but hey I was the good mom. That morning I put pizza lunchables on my freezer cooking to do list.

Really? I have a list on my phone.

Pizza night rolled around and I made a batch and half of my dough recipe from this kit here and created six mini rounds.  This all took place on the same night I already had a pizza mess. We always make three medium size pies. Two pepperoni like this one.


And I make a veggie or specialty pizza for the parents.

I made a chicken alfredo pizza on this particular night.

IMG_0735We typically eat a pizza and a half on Friday night and save the leftover pizza and a half for Sunday after church. Or I’ll throw individual slices in the freezer for quick weeknight meals or lunches.

I packaged snack bags of cheese, pizza sauce and the rounds into a gallon bag.

IMG_0743 School kiddos like to create their own pizza. It’s just cool at school. So, I made my own version for my kids and they go into their lunch boxes on field trips. This way they feel special from Mom and cool in front of their peers. Hey, I’m trying to be the cool Momma too :)

IMG_0745Five more cool days to go and then time to restock…

Have you ever made homemade lunchables?


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