DIY NO COOK Laundry Sauce {1.76=128 loads}


I’m super pumped to have my own homemade laundry detergent. I’ve added this to my expanding list of homemade cleaners which I am behind sharing, but I promise to post a couple of my favorites, like citrus vinegar and homemade soft scrub.

This laundry sauce tutorial was easy to follow and quite easy using an Oster yard sale blender I had on hand. My kitchen aid blender did not fit the mason jar and I was so glad I remembered the old one in our camper.

After a week’s worth of washing using 1 level tablespoon directly in the front load washer, I was pleased with the cleanliness, fresh smell and most of all, the frugality.

I’m definitely planning to make this again and follow METHOD #1 of  this exact tutorial from the Budget 101 website.

My personal tips and experience:

  • Make sure the rubber gasket is completely clean and dry {just read about it carefully on budget 101}
  • Have a designated tablespoon for detergent only right beside the mason jar {I’m considering using a cookie scoop for easier release}
  • Use a piece of dirty clothing to wipe out the detergent sauce from the tablespoon
  • Keep the mason jar lid tightly closed so the sauce doesn’t dry out.

I’ll admit the thought of boiling soap and/or storing large containers of homemade recipes have scared me away, but this no-cook, condensed laundry sauce version intrigued me and I am so glad I tried it.

Have you made homemade detergent before? 


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