DIY: Homemade Butter In a Bag


What do you do when you have whipping cream about to expire and bored kiddos hanging around? You make butter!

This was a fun learning experiment for all my kiddos and they were surprised it turned out. I’ve done several times with baby food jars, but I wanted to give it a try with one of my favorite products, freezer bags, of course.

You will observe the whipping cream becoming  f luffy and the more you shake the bag the product color will change. When you open the bag you will see that solid pieces of butter have formed, leaving behind a thin liquid, which is buttermilk. Now you have two products!

I helped the younger kids shake vigorously in between their shaking sessions. My 11-year-old also got into the shaking and made it go faster. Be sure to drain the butter well and pour off the liquid. I really scraped the sides of the bag to get every last bit of delicious butter I could find. Refrigerate for best results, but we enjoyed it right away. Several mini-bagels disappeared and we have plenty left for the week.

Note: you could use small baby food, mason or recycled glass condiment jars or further divide the whipping cream among several freezer bags. The kiddos will enjoy making butter either way.

I found this educational handout if you are homeschooling or want to incorporate this into an elementary, middle or even high school foods lesson.


  • Well chilled heavy whipping cream {we use a pint}
  • pinch of sea salt
  • quart size freezer bags {we used two}


1. Divide the whipping cream between two quart size bags. Make sure they are well sealed.

2. Shake, shake, shake the container for several minutes up to 15-20 minutes depending how vigorously you are shaking and whether it is an adult or child shaking.

3. Drain butter from buttermilk and place in a small mason jar with a lid. Refrigerate or enjoy on a bagel right away!
Will you make homemade butter at least once in your life?



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