DIY Frugal Chalkboard Labels {spice/pantry organization}


I love to cook when I know where everything is. It’s more enjoyable and freezer cooking is more efficient. That’s why I’ve had it on my to do list to organize my spices before returning to full time employment. Guess what? I got it done two days before I returned to teaching.

I have deep cabinets, but not wide enough to hold a lazy susan for spices. I didn’t like the idea of a graduated spice rack because I still can’t see what I have. I knew I wanted to implement baskets and I loved the chalkboard labels. I also knew I had some chalkboard paint in my craft arsenal. So I put it to good use with my address labels on hand and started painting.


As you can see below I used the cheap foam brushes and it worked just fine. I brushed in one direction. I suggest painting at least three sheets, maybe more. I love having these on hand for fun labels everywhere!


After drying I purchased a chalkboard pen at my local craft store using a 40% off coupon and it was $2 and some change. Win! I also purchased six sets of the 3 for a $1 long baskets at my local Dollar General. I wrote four names of spices in alphabetical order on each label and adhered it to the short end of the basket.


It fit awesome in my cabinet and did just the job! I wanted the spices to be visible, easily accessible through small baskets {I’ve tried the big basket method}. I like the long baskets that hold the small spice containers. I store the extras and large containers to refill on the top shelf. So far I’ve enjoyed cooking and it’s a breeze finding spices.

And I got a little crazy and did my baking cabinet using mason jars for smaller ingredients and $5.99 glass canisters from Marshalls for my flour, sugar and oats, etc. I love having everything in clear containers I can see with the neatness of the chalkboard labels.



I’m ready to do some serious freezer cooking now that I have my cabinets well organized. I plan to do a one to two hour session each weekend to prep for the work week.

Are you inspired to organize your pantry or spice cabinet? Do you have any tips/tricks to share?


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