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How many menu planners do we have out there? I plan a seven day menu every week, even if we are having a parent’s night out because you never know what might be on your agenda might not be on God’s. I like to have back up menu ideas just in case we have company or need an extra meal due to weather, etc., you get the idea. For years, I’ve written it down on a pad from Michael’s or A.C. Moore and I’ve recorded my menu on this blog for the past four years.

Now I have a new place to write down my menu for all to see. I first saw this idea on Pintrest and ran with it. I used leftover fabric from my kitchen valences and covered the cardboard behind the glass.


This is a $1 yard sale frame that’s been in my laundry room for at least a year {shame on me}. I got motivated when I saw the idea and painted my frame black.

I painted my scrapbooking letters black because I didn’t have black on hand.



I also cut out seven ivory pieces and rounded the corners to fit the general size of the days of the week. Honestly, I used what I had on hand because I didn’t feel like running to the craft store and spending more money. It took about two hours to make this awesome menu board that will come in very handy EVERY week.

BUT guess what? I was pushing the staples {cheap frame} to the back side on my washer and dryer, which happened to be  uneven and the glass popped. Yes, there’s a crack in the glass. Oh, how sad I am, but then I’m reminded that nothing lasts forever including newly made treasures.

I’ve already sought out a new frame at Goodwill since the accident. I found one similar in size for $3. Now I have $4 invested in my DIY customized menu board. You could use scrapbook paper instead of fabric. The options are endless for this idea. Take this idea and run with it.

IMG_1288When you’re ready for menu planning, write directly on the glass with a thin tip dry erase marker {for easiest removal} or a visa v pen will work too. Store it on top of the frame to keep away from little hands :)



 Will you make a customized menu board this week?

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      Yes, I will update the details. You can use a fine tip dry erase marker {the cleanest} or a visa v pen will work too, which is a little messier.

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