Derailed Freezer Cooking and More

Last Thursday afternoon started as an ordinary busy day of taking my son to the doctor for eye medication and going back to school to make three dozen cupcakes and a four layer Frozen cake for my daughter’s weekend birthday party. I have at least four more dozen cupcakes on my to do list before Tuesday for our principal’s birthday. I also had 400 hot dogs on Friday’s agenda. We were having a school reward program for honor roll kids outside and steamed hot dogs were in my plans. Last, but not least, my inbox contained a reminder for my monthly mission meal for 20 at the local shelter on Tuesday. Yes, I thought I could do it all.

However, my plan derailed when I awoke in the middle of the night on Thursday with body aches and pain. A year and three months ago I had the flu freight train run over me and I knew what it felt like. It was the same feeling back again. However, this year I took the flu shoot and remarkably my body rebounded quicker, Praise the Lord, by Monday. Sunday was a tough, tiresome day back on the rail.

I was disappointed because we had cancelled my daughter’s 5th birthday party and today is her birthday.

IMG_0157Happy big milestone birthday to my Caroline Nancy. And I am going to try with all my might to bring her Frozen party to her preschool during my planning period, 4th block. I’m praying all goes well and I can make it there to surprise her with balloons and finish the cake on Monday am before school.

My lesson regarding derailment: don’t wear so many hats and plan too many activities in two weeks thinking I can handle it all because I can not. However, life goes on. The 400 hot dogs were cooked and devoured without me, my students survived with their first unplanned sub and I called in sick for the homeless shelter meal and they will still eat. God is good, I am on the mend and it’s time to celebrate our little Caroline.

How was your week? Do you over plan like I do?

update* I apologize for posting a sad derailment picture that I had not researched. Thank you for your understanding.


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