Customize Your Koozies

white_kooziesJust two weeks ago on my beach vacation, I wished for a colder drink and I have found a solution! Koozies are the perfect answer for keeping drinks from sweating while keeping them colder with foam insulation. Express Imprint is a wholesale website that sells koozies custom printed for bottles and cans.  They even have a koozie with a clip ring for hiking or transporting and collapisble ones for those of us who are clutter-free conscience, how cool is that?

For less than a $1, Express Imprint offers a wide selection of colors and types for your own customization. Check out their Pinterest page for some awesome ideas. I was intrigued by the ideas you could creatively customize party gifts for:

koozie1 koozie koozie2 koozie3

  • Weddings
  • Engagments
  • Family Reunions
  • New Baby
  • Anniversary
  • Fundraiser
  • Business Promotion
  • School Event
  • Church Functions/Events
  • Blogging Conference Giveaway

Bloggers, wouldn’t this be a fun giveaway at your next conference? It would be a functionable giveaway with your website address on it.

There are endless options and reasons to make such a cute, fully customizable koozie because everybody drinks a can drink or water/soda bottle.

 Have you considered a customizable koozie lately?


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