Crock Pot Baked Potatoes Without Foil

crocked potatoes

What’s inside my crock pot today? I’ve got potatoes baking for a play date. I first tried the foil method over the summer on a camping trip and cooked them for six eight hours. I’ve discovered a faster way of cooking without foil and less time in the crock pot.

Scrub the potatoes as usual and place desired number in a crock pot. I fill mine to the top, but left some wiggle room as you can see from the photo. I set the timer on high for four hours. My crock pot cooks extremely hot and my potatoes were done in about three hours. Check with a knife or fork after three hours to determine doneness. The result is a soft interior with a boiled/baked like texture. It’s so easy to scrub them and throw them in the crock pot and leave for a few hours and come home to ready made baked potatoes. The warm setting on the crock pot will keep them ready for several hours for a party, dinner or play date. This is perfect for a potato bar with fun toppings or a grilling event.

They are perfectly cooked to make twice baked potatoes, baked potato soup or chill the potatoes over night and make hashbrownscheesy potato skins or potato wedges.


Clean Potatoes {enough to fill your crock pot}

Directions: Fill crock pot with potatoes. Crock on high up to four hours until soft and tender. Top with all your favorite toppings.

How do you top your spuds?



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