Crazy New Semester

CHOC CHIP WAFFLESA new semester at school always brings about changes. This is my excuse for my lack of posts in the past couple of weeks. However, I made freezer waffles this week. Last week I prepped about 25 pounds of chicken for the family. Here’s how my husband and I tag team to make it here.

chicken fajita marinadeRecently, I’ve made two easy pound cakes. One went to church and the other, well it never made it to the freezer.

very vanilla pound cake

My students in the Cougar Kitchen made homemade yogurt two ways: crock pot and Cuisine maker.

crockpot yogurtLast week my FCCLA students made pumpkin chocolate chip muffins and we froze them for a morning meeting. They were devoured yesterday.

Pumpkin muffinsSince it’s close to Valentine’s Day, I’m thinking about chocolate covered strawberries.

choc strawYes, my teaching job consists of food all day long. I teach four foods classes! And yes, I blog about food. Do I get tired of food? Sometimes and my sweet, wonderful, awesome husband cooks dinner since I’ve prepped on the weekends. Okay, he cooks dinner most of the time.

Blessings. What are you freezing or cooking this week?






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