Convenient Cinnamon Rolls in 2012

In 2011, instead of reaching for a can of convenient cinnamons rolls in the dairy case at my local store, I reached for a shoe box of no knead dough and made homemade cinnamon rolls “conveniently.” This is my last year way and New Year way of making homemade cinnamon rolls for my family because it’s so easy and convenient.

In fact, it is so convenient I made unbaked cinnamon rolls “to go” for my family and friends this year. I even made homemade icing in a quart size freezer bag for the recipient to spread with joy. They simply baked the rolls, cooled slightly, cut the corner and had NEARLY the same convenience as the grocery store kind.

Click hereto obtain this very easy dough recipe I make in a plastic shoebox. It will make three 9×13 pans of delish, soft rolls made in your kitchen. If you can roll out a rectangle and sprinkle with a cinnamon/sugar mixture, you’re in good shape because they don’t have to gorgeous. They just have to be made with love by you. Click here for baked, individual packaging ideas for cinnamon rolls. I did this, too.

Deliver an unbaked pan to a neighbor, friend in need, new mom, co-worker, school, church function, pot-luck or devour at home this New Year. Plan to make more homemade items with this easy dough. See other ideas here.

What homemade item would you like to attempt to make in this New Year? Me? I want to learn to make tasty, wholesome crackers, freezable, of course. Still working on that one. Do share, if you have a great recipe (it must be easy).

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  1. Jamie Baker

    I don’t know if you’ve ever tried using

    dental floss to “cut” your cinnamon rolls, but it works wonderfully. You cut off about a 14″ piece, wrap around the dough where you would normally cut, cross over,and just pull the floss.

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