Comforting Snow Break Food

It’s been a short school week with a snow day on Friday and it continues over the weekend. We’re getting quite a snow in Asheville, North Carolina. Some areas are receiving 12-16 inches, while my area is less than a foot, but we’re still snowed in playing games, sledding, napping and of course, eating well.

Since we had no school on Friday, I made a big pan of our healthier biscuits. Three of us love summer blackberries that my husband cans himself. He grew up on them and I am hooked.




You can see why. They taste like a summer cobbler.IMG_2038

It doesn’t get better than this on a snowy day.

IMG_2036The other three ate farm fresh brown eggs from a colleague at school. I’ve been blessed throughout this school year to purchase eggs for only $2 a dozen even when they were much higher at the grocery store. My seven-year-old made the eggs all by himself.

IMG_1335I started a huge crock pot full of potato soup while we went out to play. Soup and homemade bread hit the spot for dinner. My kids went crazy for this since I had chopped cooked bacon on the table.


This is a fantastic 1-hour bread recipe I’ve been making from the Frugal Girl. Stay tuned I’ll post the recipe tomorrow.


My oldest son built his own ramp to jump. He’s into craziness.

IMG_2039My husband shoveled the snow twice off the top off our suburban and driveway although we have gone no where since Friday.


My daughter is enjoying her dad’s $1 yard sale purchase from the summer.

IMG_2047Here’s another fun yard sale purchase my husband bought two years ago. It’s a scooter sled!


After some more snow on Saturday and leftover soup for lunch we enjoyed chicken fajitas for dinner.

IMG_1336They are so flavorful and easy to grill indoors since the frozen marinade is infused while thawing.

IMG_1337It was a nice fresh change from soup and we are exercising while eating all of this delish food. I’ve been running three miles a day on my treadmill and this year my husband is joining me. He’s been exercising more than me by shoveling, bringing in wood for the fire and running. I’m not planning to catch up :0

What comforting foods are you eating over snow break?

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