Christmas Eve Baking and Cooking

I’m sticking to homemade items. I’ve always said I make better homemade items than store-bought items and this picture proves it. I made a boxed lemon cake mix to make a Happy Birthday Jesus cake for the kids. I thought they could ice it and decorate it and have fun tomorrow. Well, as you can see my cake was a total flop. It looks like a piece of rubber and based on the cracks, I believe it will taste like one too. I tried to remember when I bought this cake mix and then I remembered my mom gave it to me last year around Christmas, I think. I stuck it in pantry to have on hand for a rainy day.

Though it’s not rainy, it might be snowy in Asheville tomorrow. But my lemon cake for Jesus will not be served. I did successfullybake and cook other items from scratch, though. Thankfully, those turned out all right.

I made the Asian honey chicken salad with leftovers for lunch. I also made the pretzel berry dessert and pan glazed rolls to take to my mom’s house on Christmas. Then I made batch of spinach bites and cinnamon rolls for Christmas morning breakfast. I used a bag of Cracker Barrell extra sharp cheese so they should be very flavorful. I also made a brioche refrigerated dough for the cinnamon rolls. I did cut them out and stick them on the pan for the morning and I have leftover dough that we will use the next week. I’ll share this recipe next week.


Merry Christmas from my family to yours!

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