Chocolate Chip Freezer Waffles


It just so happens I’m going to be out of town visiting my parents this weekend. And we ran out of our regular freezer waffles so I jumped on a new batch and checked my ingredients and made two batches. My usual batch makes 26 waffles and since I doubled the recipe I had a whopping 50 some waffles. After the three kiddos devoured some as an after school snack I had four dozen and two single waffles to bag and freeze. This will be their easy toast it yourself breakfast over the weekend while I’m away. If my husband feels like making turkey bacon and some eggs and adding fruit, it will be a complete meal or perhaps breakfast for dinner. Plus I’ll have enough for many weekends to come.

In addition, I’ve planned 5 minute tacos for them and they’ll probably have sandwiches or dinner out.

Freezer cooking is so handy and easy to have on hand. This waffle recipe is super easy and healthy when made with white whole wheat flour. I use my basic recipe and add a teaspoon or so of mini-chocolate chips right on top of the poured batter in the waffle iron prior to closing.  My kiddos LOVE these chocolate chip waffles, it appears to be a treat like the store-bought version and it brightens their day.

Use my basic recipe here and view the freezing tutorial. Feel free to 5 or so  regular chocolate chips if you don’t have minis on hand, but the minis spread out nicely and look lovely, don’t you think?

Homemade freezer waffles are frugal, fun, delish and oh so convenient. Pull them straight from the freezer, toast them, cut into waffle sticks for dippin’ with a pizza wheel if you like. Serve with fruit, nuts, jam, peanut butter, homemade syrup or nutella. Go wild!!!

Do you make your own freezer waffles? 

2 thoughts on “Chocolate Chip Freezer Waffles

  1. Rhonda Q

    We LOVE making homemade freezer waffles! We eat them almost every day. I can’t wait to put the chocolate spin on the next batch. I think the kids will love me for it!

    1. admin

      My kiddos were thrilled to have chocolate for breakfast, just like the store-bought waffles or pancakes, but better for you! Try it with real whipped cream some time.

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