Chirp has a sibling, born 7ish, 6-3-11

What’s Caleb doing with the oatmeal box?


Don’t ever leave this mischievous three-year-old, alone with two baby chicks just a day old. He gets into everything, including his daddy’s fishing waders.

I had wonderful intentions of making a craft with this recycled oatmeal box.


He made the craft by himself. He put a baby chick inside and said, “Look Mom, he’s in here.”

You can imagine my eyes as big as saucers as he shook the box up and down like a musical shaker.

It’s a good thing he wasn’t frail like yesterday when he was born. Here he is, just a few minutes old. God is amazing with all His creations.

0602011952.jpg 0602012002.jpg

So far we’ve fed them  infant oatmeal, since we have leftovers from our baby. They drink from a little saucer and perch themselves on a Q-tip.


Remember from my first post of the Chicken Project, this is a bantam chicken that will lay eggs next year. Seriously, I’m finding it hard to believe too.

One other funny note about these cute critters. My sons, who love my perfectly boiled eggs recipe found here, can hold these tiny creatures and say, “awww” and then go eat a boiled egg with no problem. Sounds disturbing, doesn’t it?

Let me know if you have an out of this world egg recipes in the comments. I’m going to need a lot once all these eggs hatch. Although we have heard, there’s a 50 percent hatch rate. We’ve only got twenty six eggs to go. What were we thinking?

Freezer cooking with eggs, here I come.

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