Chicken Ranch Pizza

We’re a pizza eating family of six. Chicken ranch pizza has peeked its head on the rotation along with pizza mini-muffins, pizza bagel bites, no rise pizza kit for three pies, grilled flatbread pizza, stromboli, crock pot pizza and pesto pizza. I told you we love pizza.
This pizza is just a little different with homemade ranch as the base rather than the typical speedy sauce or crock pot marinara.

I simply use the Artisan Dough recipe I’ve used for years or the No-Rise dough from the Pizza Kit above and make three pies. If you’re family is small, you can cool and freeze slices for quick lunches or no-cook dinners. Don’t be afraid to make three pizza pies.

We like to top the ranch sauce with the following:

Bake at 450 for 15 minutes until the crust is done. Lay a piece of foil on top if the cheese is browning too quickly. This pizza is addictive and so wonderful reheated as leftovers. Enjoy.
What’s your favorite way to top homemade pizza?


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