Chicken Fajitas on Corn Tortillas

I laughed hysterically when my husband told me a hispanic woman started talking to my son in Spanish. Since he’s half Korean and half Caucasian, it surprised me. However, we do laugh at his first baby picture reminding us he looks Mexican.

It’s no wonder we love Mexican food around the Brown house. In fact, I’m always trying to create new ways to serve “freezer staples” like our marinated chicken fajita strips. In past, we’ve all enjoyed fajitas on whole wheat tortillas and tostadas, but today I tossed everything on a warmed corn tortilla for a twist. The kiddos didn’t even notice, but hubby and I really liked the new flavor. We slathered our smashed avocado (learn how to cut one without fancy gadgets here), piled on cooked chicken fajita strips and tossed some fresh pico de gallo and cheese and waited for our taste buds to tango. It’s was delish, as good as take-out.

Here’s some other ways we enjoy our chicken fajita strips fresh or as leftovers:

 How do you enjoy chicken fajitas?












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