Chicken Fajita Healthy Chimichanga

What is a chimichanga? Typically at a Mexican Restaurant, it’s a deep fried burrito stuffed with who knows what. At the Browns, my version of a chimichanga is a griddled or toasted wrap using convenience chicken. During the grilling months, I have grilled convenience chicken on hand and during the cold months I make a boiled, shredded convenience version.

Last time we grilled chicken fajitas we had a whole lot of chicken and peppers and onions because I tripled our usual amount. What did I do with the leftovers? I never let them sit in our refrigerator for days. We didn’t eat on them three days in a row. Instead, I froze them in convenient bags with the peppers and onions.

Recently I thawed a bag of chicken fajitas and BAM! I’m feeling a little like Emeril or Rachel Ray. I put the wrap ingredients together and rolled it up like a burrito and made a healthy chimichanga.

I simply added cheese to my cooked chicken mixture, but it’s a healthy idea for any Mexican lover. Take this griddle idea and run with another wrap your family loves.

Chicken Fajita Chimichangas

  • 1 grilled chicken fajita chicken breast (sliced)
  • approximately 1 cup cooked peppers and onions (my chicken and peppers were grilled together, sliced and frozen and thawed)
  • 1 cup cheddar cheese
  • 4 burrito size tortillas (I had tomato basil on hand, but whole wheat would work better)


Divide ingredients among four tortillas. Wrap burrito style (usually a picture on the back of your tortilla wrapper). Pan fry without oil on medium high heat or use a griddle. I used a panini press which grilled both sides at the same time, I love the convenience of this kitchen equipment. Grill, griddle, press until lightly toasted and warm inside. Slice on a diagonal and serve immediately with sour cream, pico de gallo or guacamole.

What would you stuff in your healthy chimichanga?

5 thoughts on “Chicken Fajita Healthy Chimichanga

  1. Jannah

    I made this and it was ridiculously easy and unbelievably delicious! Not too mention it was easy for the kids to pick up instead of an open ended fajita. Smart! Thanks for posting this. I’m actually making it again tonight for the second time.

  2. Kryste

    Totally used this as inspiration for lunch yesterday! We didn’t have any grilled chicken or vegetables, but we had a frozen mix of onions and bell peppers and some frozen black beans. We sautéed them in salt, pepper and cumin and then “grilled” them with some cheddar between two cast iron skillets. It was really good; thanks for the idea!

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