Cheesy Black Beans

Are you looking for a delicious, quick Mexican side? I’ve got one to share. I love thawing a bag of frozen beans with every Mexican meal. We’re having cheesy beans at least once a week. We also love pintos and cheese made the same exact way.

I start with thawed beans I have cooked in bulk and frozen in quart bags. I microwave for about 5 minutes on 70% power. Then I top with fresh pico de gallo and cheese and cook another three minutes.

In less than ten minutes, we have an easy side dish which costs pennies on the dollar to make. It’s out of this world fresh using homemade pico, but feel free to use jar salsa and a can of drained, rinsed black beans. You can also mash your beans with the back of a spoon if you prefer a creamier texture.

Learn how to cook a 2-pound bag of black beans for about $2 and divide into six bags here and be sure to check out the recipe index for more mouth watering black bean recipes.

What’s your favorite Mexican side dish?



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